Well, many of us have been pedalling away in the basement for some time now thanks to the marked improvement of the best turbo trainers and latest crop of indoor cycling apps. These apps have been largely responsible for transforming indoor riding from the most universally hated part of cycling to one of its fastest-growing sectors. Now we have catalogues of indoor cycling workouts written by coaches we otherwise wouldn't have access to, vast digital worlds to explore and even competitive e-racing and group rides.

When used in collaboration with a smart trainer, modern training apps can provide a truly immersive experience — and you'll get faster and stronger along the way. So regardless of lockdowns and restrictions, indoor cycling apps can help you stay race-fit and ready-to-ride as soon as it's safe to. A search of the app store will reveal an ever-growing list of training apps; scroll down for the apps the Cyclingnews team have downloaded on our devices, or jump to the bottom for everything you need to know.

Leading the charge in gamifying indoor training, Zwift has wholly changed the landscape, allowing riders to explore virtual worlds, participate in group rides, race, and even offering structured workouts. Though Zwift wasn't the first to offer virtual riding, it introduced the social aspect and in Wattopia you can chat with and even draft off of your riding mates. Check out our full guide to Zwift. TrainerRoad was the first to offer app-based FTP training and their no-frills approach is committed to making you faster.

With a training catalogue of over 2, workouts, you can pick and choose individual sessions or follow one of coach Chad's plans. These can be customised using the new Plan Builder where workouts or entire training blocks can be moved around based on vacations, illness or just time off the bike. There is also a 'minimal' window mode which shrinks the interfaces down into a strip on the lower portion of your desktop so you can watch Netflix on the same screen.

It's wholly functional from the smartphone app, and the same hide-and-watch-Netflix approach works here too. TrainerRoad also offers just about all of its workouts with a 'Do Outside' option, which can be synced automatically to your head unit. Check out our full guide to TrainerRoad. The Sufferfest started as a series of single download videos that founder David McQuillen stitched together in his free time.

Using UCI race footage, he'd add music and create a storyline with a bit of humour sprinkled throughout; the videos would guide you through basic interval workouts based on perceived effort. A few years on, The Sufferfest is a full training suite offering cycling, running, strength and mental training along with yoga sessions. The app will also compile everything into an easy-to-follow training plan. Most training apps base their intervals off FTP.

However, The Sufferfest takes it a step further using what it calls 4DP which takes into account your neuromuscular, anaerobic capacity and threshold to better tailor workouts to your physiology. Instead of the classic 20min threshold test, The Sufferfest uses a fitness test it calls Full Frontal, developed by Neal Henderson who has coached the likes of Rohan Dennis and Evelyn Stevensto test these suprathreshold values.

Once tested they are automatically applied to all the workouts in The Sufferfest catalogue. Check out our full guide to The Sufferfest. FulGaz's motto is less virtual, more reality and that's precisely what this app offers. Using real ride footage and some pretty advanced physics modelling, FulGaz not only tailors resistance based on what's happening on screen, but the footage itself will react to your effort.

With 4k footage filmed from the handlebars, the app uses real elevation data to control the smart trainer to match what you see on the screen, also taking into account your weight and power to adjust the speed of the footage.

FulGaz has also recently added a workout library and the ability to import custom sessions from TrainingPeaks or Today's Plan.

zwift 4k tv

If you're looking for a bit of real riding footage, with some virtual racing and structured workouts too, Rouvy might be the app subscription for you.With so many choices to run Zwift, getting Zwift onto your big screen TV can be a little technical.

In this guide, I will walk you through the different ways you can get Zwift from the little screen onto your big screen TV. With all these choices, connecting all these devices can be a challenge. Depending on your setup, you might or might not need one. Zwift is currently available for iPhone and iPad only.

An Andoird version is expected to be released in You can run Zwift on your personal computer. Zwift is graphics intensive and a minimum of 1GB dedicated graphics card is required to run Zwift without running into issues. If you want to broadcast it to a big-screen TV, then you might want to consider something a little more power to get a HD picture. Zwiftalizer is a great tool that can provide you with some benchmarks and information on how your system will run Zwift.

Check your laptop ports. Zwift on Apple TV is the cheapest and simplest way to get on Zwift. The actual Zwift app is only about MB. Apple TV only supports 2 Bluetooth devices connected. You can use the last connection for any other Bluetooth device such as a Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor or speed and cadence sensor.

Some smart trainers can also calculate your cadence. This uses only one Bluetooth channel. If you have additional Bluetooth compatible devices, you can use the Zwift mobile app as a bridge.

The Zwift mobile app is available for iPhones or Andoird phones. Hopefully, this guide will make connecting your Zwift to a big-screen tv simple. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions. He's an avid triathlete and enjoys the outdoors and a good cup of coffee. In Windows 10 you can wirelessly transmit screen to most recent TVs supporting Miracast.Insomma, non potresti desiderare altro. Tutti i tuoi sforzi vengono visualizzati — sullo schermo del computer — in un paesaggio virtuale.

Anche le salite — se si dispone del giusto rullo smart — vengono regolate automaticamente. Abbinare il rullo al tuo computer, smartphone o tablet apre letteralmente le porte a un mondo intero.

Dai principianti, che stanno muovendo i primi passi ai veri professionisti. Non stupirti se vieni superato in salita da Robert Geesink, Laurens ten Dam, Mathew Hayman o da uno dei professionisti che regolarmente usano Zwift. Ma come funziona Zwift esattamente? Come puoi iniziare con il rullo su Zwift? E di cosa hai bisogno? Ti accompagniamo passo dopo passo in modo che tu possa percorrere facilmente i tuoi primi chilometri con Zwift. Allenarsi su un rullo non deve mai essere noioso!

Non hai tempo per leggere tutta la guida Zwift? Ecco la guida super veloce Zwift in sei passi! Ma chiaramente i veri fanatici leggeranno tutto il blog, da cima a fondo. Con Zwift allenarsi sul rullo diventa molto divertente. Si sale rapidamente sullo schermo? Sedetevi sul rullo per il semplice piacere di pedalare o per salire e scendere da una montagna.

Nei momenti di maggior afflusso si pedala insieme ad oltre altri ciclisti! Per utilizzare Zwift hai bisogno di un certo numero di cose, come un rullo e sensori adatti.

Per ogni articolo spieghiamo a cosa si dovrebbe prestare attenzione e se sono necessari. Come puoi vedere, oltre alla tua bici da corsa, avrai bisogno anche di altro per usare Zwift. Hai un rullo senza sensori?

Nessun problema, potrai ancora usare Zwift. Questo viene chiamato rullo smart o anche rullo interattivo. Cambia la pendenza? Potrai dunque davvero goderti la vista. Non tutti i rulli sono infatti in grado di gestire le percentuali di pendenza.

Le percentuali di pendenza che i rulli smart possono simulare partono da circa il 7 per cento e salgono ben oltre il 20 per cento. Vuoi ottenere il massimo? Allora devi optare per le versioni migliori. Vuoi ottenere il massimo da Zwift? Non basta avere un rullo. Segli un pc o un Mac?

In quel caso potrai scaricare la versione desktop di Zwift. Vuoi usare Zwift sul tuo smartphone o tablet? Per i dispositivi Apple, puoi scaricare Zwift e giocare direttamente sul tuo iPad o iPhone. Allora non puoi collegarli direttamente al tuo dispositivo.The Zwift Companion App is the perfect companion to Zwift.

Stay connected when you're on the go. Pair it with your computer over the same Wifi network and use it as a Zwift game controller when you're riding. When you sign up, you can have it added to your calendar.

Want to pat someone on the back for a ride they did, give them a Ride On right in the feed. MAP Want to see where you are in the world while you're Zwifting? Check out the map. Tap on your friend to send a Ride On or start a chat. If you are in an event, you can chat with those in your group. We've got you covered. The Dashboard provides all the key metrics you expect right at your fingertips - watts, speed, distance, elevation, time, cadence and heart rate. Give an elbow flick when you want someone to pull through or wave to say "hi".

Send real time encouragement or egg someone on with audio clips. Choose to see the action from four different POV and capture it with a snapshot. Actions are fun. Private message anyone. Version 3. Wattage and distance were consistent on both, but the map functionality showed me plodding along in London. I really love the app and it is a great companion to my Apple TV Zwift app.

I especially like the new workout screen but have a couple of nit picks with it. I have a controllable trainer so I am concentrating more on cadence than power during the workouts.

zwift 4k tv

The cadence font is so small and nested right under the power reading that it is hard to read, especially when really working hard. Perhaps moving it to the top left of the power arc and heart rate to the top right would make it all easier to read. There is some open screen real estate In those places, especially if the power arc is just a tad smaller. Additionally, the app is super power hungry.

Lastly, it loses sync about once per workout and I have to close and reopen the app. Again, I consider these minor but if they can be fixed, I would have no problem upping my rating to 5 stars. I have used the app for a week now and I really like it. A lot of times I will use this app to run in place using my Apple Watch.

The only problem I have seen is that occasionally the heart rate will not be accurate. I will stop and check my pulse it is fine. Basically what happens is that my heart rate will spike up to twice the actual heart beats.

I have tried placing the watch up a little more on my arm when I run and I have also tightened it as much as I can stand and still has the same issue. I really like your app and I use it primarily when the weather is bad outside so it has been very motivational. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

Screenshots iPhone Apple Watch. Oct 27, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All.Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, helping you achieve every one of your fitness goals.

Pair a Zwift-supported device to our app, and get started today.

How To Broadcast Zwift From Any Device Onto Your Big Screen TV

Make new friends and find new competitors, all from the comfort of your home. Daily runs and rides rise to the next level thanks to Zwift. Dive into a collection of immersive worlds using a treadmill and footpod to runor bike trainer to ride.

Follow training plans designed by world-class coaches, create your own, or just go for a casual ride or run with a global community as dedicated as you are. Your training levels up with this any-weather, at-home game that helps you smash your goals! Spin your way through central London. Stride through a futuristic New York City. Transform your living room into a training playground where you can tear through the desert, across Mayan Ruins, beneath an underwater tunnel, and beyond.

Training is now better at home: trust your bike trainer or treadmill and footpod to track your results and give you all the data you need. Analyze your workouts. Take your performance to the next level. Trust Zwift to turn every ride and run into a game. Because fun is fast. Pick whatever you need to help reach your goals. We offer over live events a day.

Get cycling in the Alps or run in the English countryside! Monitor your progress and analyze your performance. Our app works with dozens of trainers and devices smart trainer, classic trainer, footpod, etc. Download Zwift and experience the freedom to train, ride, or run any time.I'm very happy with how easy the whole process was, and how it all turned out.

The accommodations were great, the "optional activities" were fun and the itinerary was perfect. I would definitely book with you again.

Indoor cycling apps: the best to help you stay fit during the coronavirus lockdown

We thought the trip was planned beautifully and the timing was perfect. The excursions were perfectly arranged and something we'll never forget.

Helga always answered any questions I had in a timely and thorough manner. We had originally contacted a few travel services in Iceland and you were the best about getting back to us and providing information.

We absolutely LOVED ICELAND and a lot of it had to do with how well this trip was planned for us. The only thing I might do differently, is to have spent two days at the Skaftafell National Park.

We felt very comfortable and well taken care of all along the way.

Zwift – Come funziona Zwift e cosa puoi farci?

We made incredible memories with our nine year old son that we will cherish for a lifetime. Our trip was wonderful. The travel documents and communication from Nordic Visitor made this a stress-free, easy trip.

There were no problems with the bookings, reservations, rental car, or anything else. The itinerary and map were easy to use. Overall, I couldn't be more happy with Nordic Visitor. Even having traveled a lot this trip exceeded my expectations.

Having a planned self drive gave us freedom and structure at the same time. Kolbrun was terrific and the information given excellent. The scenery was magnificent - snow capped mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and fjords extending hundreds of miles inland. A very enjoyable and memorable trip. Kolbrun did an excellent job of planning and understanding what kind of accommodations we needed.

The hotels were well placed near train stations and the information sent was correct and useful. She responded quickly to a mistake in the dates and made adjustments with an excellent attitude and accommodation. We found Norway to be very beautiful and the people were so friendly and welcoming.Bets lose if there are three or more goals scored in the match. If there are two goals exactly the stake is returned. Bets lose if there is 0 or 1 goal scored in the match.

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zwift 4k tv

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