The Mystic excels at close quarter combat, using a variety of Martial Art techniques to dominate the battlefield. Rigid self discipline grants her perfect control of her body, enabling the Mystic to harness her life force and channel it into attacks in order to sublimate foes. One of the greatest strengths of the Mystic is the ease at which she can interweave her attacks, and combos, smoothly transitioning from one to the other.

She seems to be everywhere at once, her fists and feet a blur of motion, as she targets her opponents vital areas and exploits their weaknesses. Below, you will find a list of Mystic skills, along with explanations of how you can integrate them into your gameplay. I thought I would die in that desolate place, haunted by the slain, until a foreign-looking stranger approached. He seemed untouched by the ravages of war and out of place amidst the ruins of my village.

Beneath my calm and peaceful demeanor, he informed me, I had the potential for great power. This stranger would later become my teacher, my Master, and the source of a new purpose for my life. Master said he could help me grow into my potential, and I should accompany him to the Far East.

There was nothing left for me to cling to, no home or family, so I left the once safe boundaries of my village, to follow Master into a foreign land and new beginning. This new life, however, would not prove to be an easy one.

The people in the East were wary of me, a golden-haired, blue-eyed foreigner. Master was the only one who would willingly speak to me, and all he did was drill me in tedious martial arts techniques. As I grew stronger and mastered his lessons, the locals grew jealous and resentful. One day, Master brought back a young man from his travels, someone with golden hair, and cerulean blue eyes, like me. I never imagined that I would see such familiar features this far from home. I was surprised and curious about this familiar-looking man from my homeland, and soon, my head was filled with thoughts of him.

Before I could tell him how I felt, however, he left. After he defeated the Martial God, he joined the Western Frontiers and eventually left for the west without a word to me. After his departure, I felt more lonesome than ever before. I found myself constantly looking out across the sea, missing him. Plagued with the thought of never seeing him again, I made the decision to follow his path westward.

I left a note for Master and began my journey back home. Three strange, enormous trees floated in the middle of the ocean.Striker has his roots in Calpheon but learned Martial Arts techniques from a master in the Orient. With years of training, and the experience gained from real combat, he has become a master of hand to hand combat, his style suited both to street fighting and the chaos of a battlefield.

Additionally, his grapples give him a large amount of control over his enemies, should he successfully execute them. Should he not, however, he will need all of his skill to face the onslaught of his foes. The Awakened Striker will be able to use new, powerful skills accompanied by the Echo Spirit. Not too long after this fete did the darkened house fill with sorrow rather than laughter. I remember it clearly. Besides the foul stink onboard, we were unwelcome nobles from Calpheon, greeted with glares and suspicion.

When the ship had finally reached its unknown destination, the three of us had become just one. The land was filled with black hair, as dark as the inhabitants eyes.

I was nothing but an outsider. For a weak boy picking through the garbage in the street markets, running into my quirky master was sheer luck. With him, I wandered all over the continent and learned to be literate along with everything else.

When my heart seemed to have settled in this once-unfamiliar land, I decided to enter the Grand Tournament, the only shot for an outsider and a brawler like myself to earn a fair title. I took the champion title. The Grand Tournament granted me the chance to join the Western Frontiers, the guild of the finest martial artists, without segregation of any kind.

I was somewhat ready, but for a vagabond who had not followed any rules and boundaries before, the communal life of strict principles felt like prison bars. My background as a blue-eyed foreigner had already received enough attention and discrimination which put me in introspection. The place of my birth, a place with other bearing the same hair color and pupils as I. For someone like me who drew attention everywhere I went, getting onboard the ship that set sail for Goma Naru was a journey to find the ordinary out of an extraordinary life.

The martial arts of the fist with the longest history in the Orient is the one involving the movements of the tiger, panther, snake, monkey, and crane. Master told me it all started when the weak mankind, shuddering under the greatness of nature, started mocking the beastial motions of the birds and brutes in the hopes of gaining some force to stand against nature itself.

The martial arts I was trained in followed the foundation of such beastial traditions, enhanced with sharp weapons and constructive training. I could not prove that I had come close to matching the great powers of nature and the savages.

Even my master told me there was no more to be learned. This was it. This was when I felt I had come to a stop and hit the barrier.

If I could ever go back to the times before the discovery of metal and fire, where only the will to survive against a brutal world existed, would I be able to surpass my limitations?

This question haunted me all through the lonesome voyages on the sea.

bdo mystic awakening quest

When I finally disembarked at Calpheon, the worries to find my true roots melted away as the days passed, buried in a crowd of blue eyes and golden hair.Greetings, adventurers! After reaching level 56, Mystic is able to unlock her awakening weapon: a Cestus infused with the energy of Banha, the divine sea dragon.

bdo mystic awakening quest

Find out more about the famed adventurer Igor Bartali and his epic journeys in the Adventure Log. Adventure Logs are a series of quests that award players a vast array of bonuses such as weight, AP and DP. By reaching level 51 and completing the Calpheon main story, players can speak with the Black Spirit to gain access to the first quest. Dress to impress with new craftable costumes! Click here for additional information and purchase details.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Play Video. Get it now. Xbox One X Enhanced. The continent of Valencia has opened! Explore and survive the harsh deserts, defeat barbaric tribes and unlock the secrets of the Black Desert. Black Desert is a revolutionary MMORPG that delivers intense fast-paced combat, deep and interesting life skills all rolled into an expansive open world setting.

Exploring the world of Black Desert will unlock the mysteries of the Black Stones, encounter demons and monsters, and allow you to fulfill a life filled with fishing, trading, horse training and so much more! Team up with other players to take down the Lord of Corruption!Graceful and agile, the Maehwa lightly drifts from enemy to enemy, leaving a trail of wounds, red as blooming poppies, in her wake. Like a mischievous sprite, she is never where one expects her to be, but the bite of her blade will always find a home in her enemies.

Like the wind, she is hard to capture, staying just out of reach, almost as if her very existence is a way to taunt those who oppose her, and make them rue the day they laid eyes upon her. Make no mistake, though she is fast, light on her feet, and incredibly deadly, she is not invincible, and should she be bound in any way, she will be hard pressed to survive the encounter.

Maehwa specializes in fatal stabbing attacks when the target is caught off-guard. With the new Kerispear, you can attack multiple targets in range with a single blow. Apricot was the name of the beautiful valley full of apricot flowers in winter, and it was also the name of the order of young martial artists.

The Order of the Apricot motivated members with the hope of climbing the social ladder and honing their own skills. The girl started training in the order a year after she decided to join it.

The girl never flinched from her work once she joined the order, it was full of great warriors from all walks of life and she was determined to be one of them.

A year later, the girl graduated from her apprenticeship, and the following year she became eligible for being elected as the "Maehwa," the leader of female warriors. While she was elated by her own success, an old woman visited and told the girl unbelievable things:. She told her that a cold but beautiful flame, called the Crescent Petal, lives on the tip of the spear wielded by an enlightened warrior, and that there is no enemy who can stand against you, if you possess the Crescent Petal.

This was believed to be no more than a legend because no one had achieved this state since Bihwasun founded the order. Only the leader of the order can fully understand and investigate the existence of such secret, however, and the dreamy story made the girl's heart race; she was thrilled to have a new goal. Three years had passed since the girl joined the Order of the Apricot, and the continent was once again swept up by the craze of war.

After going through the brutal war and peer competition, the girl lost the pure values of creativity and friendship, which she had in the beginning.

She was being assimilated into the culture of the order, only seeking techniques and fame without any respect for life. She would do anything for her career. As she climbed up the hierarchy, the sacrifice of colleagues and subordinates was taken for granted, and the same went for civilian sacrifices.

With every victory, there was an enormous amount of damage. As she returned triumphantly, she went straight back to the Apricot Valley not even thinking to pay a visit to her adopted parents who wholeheartedly raised and took care of her.

Her mind was devastated from the war and had no room for such emotions; she could only eagerly await her next promotion. She was the youngest and first female leader in the order's history.

As soon as the ceremony was concluded, she went into the deepest cave in the valley to check the "secret" of the order. An old spear and a secret note were located in the cave.

After verifying the old woman's story was true, the joyous girl wasted no time to start learning the secrets. After a year of training, there was still no sign of flame on the girl's spear.

The news of her step-parents' passing found a way to her the next year, but she did not care, only focusing on the secret of the Crescent Petal.

Her martial arts were simply not advancing at all, and that was when she started having nightmares. Every night she had to confront the sacrificed colleagues, subordinates, innocent civilians, and the contenders from her time in the war.

It had been five years since the girl discovered the secret note, now the brilliant and confident girl was gone, and on the leader's throne was sitting a worn-out and exhausted woman. Countless hours of training contributed nothing to acquire the flame. She was still suffering from nightmares.The world of Black Desert is just about to become more dynamic, as Pearl Abyss announced today that Dark Knight, Mystic and Striker can now be awakened. Adventurers who reach level 56 with any of these three recently released classes will be able to start their character Awakening quests.

Mystic Class Guide

Once successfully completed, Adventurers will be able to unlock far more powerful skills and awesome Awakening weapons. Awaken Dark Knight, Mystic and Striker now to unleash their full potential.

Upon Awakening, Dark Knight will be able to wield a set of phantom blades called Vediant, which allows her to take full control over the infinite powers of the dark arts. These unique blades will grant Dark Knight the special ability to drain life from her enemies. She can summon a fierce sea dragon that helps her deal more damage to opponents. He can summon his alter ego to help him decimate enemies.

Take over the battlefield with the completely transformed Dark Knight, Mystic, and Striker. Adventurers that complete the Awakening quests for Dark Knight, Mystic or Striker will receive various valuable items to help enhance their Awakening weapons, such as Cron Stones and Memory Fragments. Adventurers that reach level 60 with any of the three classes will be included in the lucky draw to win Pearls.

Make sure to check out these gorgeous designs, and many more awesome costumes available for all playable classes! For more information about the update and other ongoing events, check out the website.

Pearl Abyss optimized it so the minimum required specifications are suitable for a greater number of users in Southeast Asia. Check the system requirements for the game here. This optimization allows more users to enjoy Black Desert Online!

bdo mystic awakening quest

Black Desert Online has the most fully developed character customization system of any game that is currently on the market. This feature allows users to break out of the norm and make unique characters that truly represent each and every player.

Its intuitive controls, beautifully designed world and extensive lore will excite both newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs in general. The game has been successfully launched in over countries, is available in 12 languages and has over 9 million registered users. The mobile and console version are scheduled to launch globally in Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for.

You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play-style! At level 56, Mystic unlocks their awakening weapon which is a Cestus and can summon a sea dragon to give her more damage. The Mystic class uses melee range punches and kicks. She specializes in Martial Arts and has many complex combos that can deal damage over time whilst keeping their target locked down.

Mystic can also be played as a tanky class and is overall considered a strong class. The combos are designed to be very tricky and players may find Mystic hard to master, but not too hard to pick up if you are a new player. Mystics are strong against most magic classes and glass cannons because of their high magic resist, crowd control and good damage sustain.

Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening. Heavy Fist [LMB]. This skill is automatically skilled into when you level up and is your auto attack.

Martial Spirit Quick Slot. Martial Spirit is a passive which enables the use of Martial Spirit Shards. These are absorbed automatically when you use a skill and will enhance the skill.

Black Desert BDO Mystic Guide 2020

You can also consume Martial Spirit Shards to use Flash Step when it is on cooldown without using stamina. Howling Wolf Passive. Binding [E]. This skill is your only grab skill. The skill also has Super Armor on it.

Black Desert Online เควสปลุกพลัง Mystic Awakening

Mountain Aura Passive. Mountain Aura is your passive. You should only level this up when you have your main build and have spare skill points because it takes a lot ot level it up for a small DP increase. The skill will also instantly recover HP and has super armor when being used. You should use your awakening buff just before you engage in PVP, or as often as possible when grinding for the attack speed bonus.

You can also use this skill from preawakening to switch to awakening and immediately use the skill.With the recent changes to CC having high resistance has become a priority. Making Griffon ultimately better than Giath. At least 1x JIN Viper is recommended. Boots: Urugon Boots are the most optimal choice for this build. High DR stats with some evasion, making them better than Muskans for this build.

Shai Class Guide

Offhand: Nouver is the best offhand for this build. Crystals will vary depending on Striker vs Mystic. Gloves: Heve Gloves set bonus. Vipers are not picked here because damage is not your goal and CC is irrelevant to hit-rate. Earrings: Same as Cadry, more expensive and harder to enhance due to being a craftable item and not a monster loot drop.

NOTES: All items in this build are under or around 1 billion silver NAthis makes this build very cheap and competitive while remaining nearly unkillable as of date. Your goal is to tank, distract, CC, and axe forts. There is an argument here for Red Nose and Rocaba for pure mitigation. Other options include stacking Damage Reduction in the form of Urugons, Griffon, and Iron Vambrace, weapon core, ancient seal, rhutum belt, and token of friendship.

These skills will also work from quick slot. Skip to content.

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